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Who We Are:

At Demonstration Market, we care about the health of our family and community.  We are thankful to stand with like-minded farmers, gardeners, and homesteaders who refuse to use GMO seed, chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers, and who prefer heritage breeds, organic and heirloom seeds, and quality home-made products.  Our passion for health includes the regeneration of souls, relationships, environment, community, beauty, and the soil. 

At OFM, we are also passionate about providing and continually improving this online service tool to help small farms thrive in the changing economy.

From our small farm and computer desks to yours, Thank you for being a part of this journey!

How to Use this Market:

This market is for demonstration purposes only.  If you are considering using Online Farm Markets (OFM) as a:

  • Market Owner (with your own site like this)

  • Producer (planning to sell your products through another OFM market like this

  • Customer of an OFM market

You are welcome to look all around this demonstration market and try the different features.  You may edit text, add photos, etc.  Please kindly return the site to its original state when you are finished, or, as we are all aiming to do with our farms, leave it improved and let us know your suggestions.

For More Information:

Please go to  There is additional information on our home page, including the "learn more" button on the bottom.  Additionally, you will find contact information at the bottom of the home page.  


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